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2015-2016 Catalog

FYS 039 Women in Music

Women in Music is designed to introduce you to writing at the college level and engage effectively in a college learning community. A broad topic in a discussion based course, Women in Music will examine outstanding musical achievements throughout history and in contemporary society. Central questions to examine include: What is the state of women in music today? Can we hear gender difference in music? Why are there no "great" women composers? In order to examine these questions, we will explore issues of music and power, class, sexual aesthetics, cha(lle)nging the roles, gender and identity. Through the lens of women in music, you will begin to understand the power that ideas possess when shared through effective expression of writing and verbal skills. In an active classroom environment, you have ample opportunity to challenge, lead, explore, and develop your own point of view while you discover your own contribution to the arts through valid argument.


J. Kelly