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2015-2016 Catalog

INDS 252 The Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives

This study abroad course provides students with the opportunity to examine the maritime history of the Gulf States and the Western Indian Ocean region. It will also initiate students into some of the challenges and research imperatives for carrying out ethnographies in the Gulf, as the course will cover an introduction to ethnography of the region. Finally, the students will travel between Gulf States, where they will have the opportunity to visit and explore modern Middle Eastern countries and consider the historical and ethnographic information they learned comparatively. Topics such as the position of migrants, African-descended communities, and local class dynamics will be covered, within the over-arching themes of identity and ethnicity. Additionally, students will meet counterparts in each country, thereby gaining knowledge of concerns and interests of young people of the region. [H, SS, GM1, GM2]


Vora, Wilson-Fall