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2015-2016 Catalog

Officers of Administration


Allison R. Byerly

B.A. (Wellesley College), M.A. and Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

President; Professor of English

James F. Krivoski

A.B. (Shippensburg), M.S. (Shippensburg), Ed. Spec. (James Madison), Ed.D. (Columbia)

Administrative Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Executive Assistant to the President

Marie L. Enea

Executive Assistant to the President


S. Abu Turab Rizvi

A.B. (Vassar), M.A., Ph.D. (New School for Social Research)

Provost; Professor of Economics

Robin C. Rinehart

B.A., M.A. (University of Washington), Ph.D. (Pennsylvania)

Dean of the Faculty and Chief Diversity Officer; Professor of Religious Studies

James Ferri

B.S. (John Hopkins University), Ph.D. (John Hopkins University

Dean of Curriculum and Research and Co-Director of the IDEAL Center; James T. Marcus '50 Professor of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering

Emily A. Schneider

B.A. (Rutgers)

Executive Assistant to the Provost; Special Assistant to the Board of Trustees and Recording Secretary

Gisella Gisolo

(Pavia), Ph.D. (Florence)

Director of International and Off-campus Education

Kaitie Brown

B.A. (Marist), M.Ed. (Lehigh)

Senior Study Abroad Advisor

Nancy L. Williams

Assistant to the Provost

Nancy L. Ball

A.B. (Denison), M.Ed. (Indiana)

Director of Sponsored Programs

Office of Institutional Research

James P. Schaffer

B.S.E.M.S.., Ph.D. (Duke)

Professor and Director of Institutional Research

Simon Tonev

B.S. (Toronto), PhD. (Duke)

Associate Director of Institutional Research


Neil J. McElroy

B.S. (Rhodes), M.L.S. (Simmons), M.T.S. (Harvard)

Dean of Libraries


Francis A. Benginia

B.S.Ed. (Mansfield), M.Ed. (Lehigh)


David K. Thomas

B.A. (Colby)

Associate Registrar

Office of the Arts

Jennifer W. Kelly

B.A., M.M., D.M.A. (California-Los Angeles)

Associate Professor and Director of the Arts

Hollis Ashby

B.A. (St.Lawrence University), M. A.(University of California, Davis)

Director of the Williams Center for the Arts, Performance Series

Allison Q. Blatt

B.A. (Concord)

Operations Director, Williams Center for the Arts

Stephanette Schwartz-Smith

B.A. (Franklin and Marshall), M.F.A. (Illinois State University)

Assistant Technical Director, Williams Center for the Arts

Michiko Okaya

B.A., SUNY Stony Brook

Director Lafayette Art Galleries and Collections

Alexander Owens

M.F.A. Purdue University

Technical Director

Ellen Sapienza

B. A. (St. Louis University)

Assistant Art Collections Manager/Registrar

Advising and Co-Curricular Activities

Erica L. D’Agostino

B.A. (Lafayette), M.A. (Seton Hall), Ed.D. (Seton Hall)

Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs

Karen Clemence

B.A. (DePauw), M.P.A. (Lehigh)u

Senior Associate Dean of the College

Julia A. Goldberg

B.A., M.A. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Associate Dean of the College

Christopher Selena

B.A. (Shippensburg), M.S. (West Chester)

Assistant Dean/Director of the Academic Tutoring, Training & Information Center

Academic Tutoring/Training Center and Disability Service

Christopher Selena

B.A. (Shippensburg), M.S. (West Chester)

Director of Academic Tutoring and Training Information Center

Dana Filchner

B.S., M.S. (Radford University)

Associate Director of Academic, Tutoring and Training Information Center Coordinator of Athletic Academic Services

Rebecca Brenner

B.A. (Assumption), MSW (Columbia)

Academic Advisor/Counselor

Center for Community Engagement

Deborah Byrd

B.A.. (Duke), M.A, Ph.D. (Emory)

Professor, Associate Head of the Department and Director for Center of Community Engagement

Bonnie Winfield

B.A., Ph.D. (Syracuse University)

Director of Community Partnerships

Amber Zuber

B.A. (Cedar Crest), M.A. (Ohio State University)

Assistant Director of Landis Outreach Community Center


Scott R. Hummel

B.S. (University of Hartford), M.S. (Stevens Institute of Technology), Ph.D. (Lehigh University)

Professor, Jeffers Director of the Engineering Division

Rebecca L. Rosenbauer

B.S. (Lafayette), M.E. (Rensselaer)

Director of Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory and Lecturer in Engineering

Lisa Karam

B.A. (State University of New York)

Coordinator of the Engineering Division

Thomas J. DeFazio

Coordinator of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratories


Christian Tatu

B.A., M.A. (Millersville); Ph.D. (Lehigh)

CWP Coordinator

James Toia

B.A. (Bard College); MFA (School of Visual Arts NYC)

Director/Community Arts Program

Mary Toulouse

B.A. (Skidmore); M.A. (New York University); M.Ed. Technology (Lehigh)

Director/Language Resource Center

Natural Science

Carolyn Buckley

B.S. (SUNY College at Oswego), M.A. (East Stroudsburg), PhD.(Lehigh)

Psychology Lab Coordinator

Michael Chejlava

B.S. (Harvey Mudd College), PhD. (Kansas State)

Instrumentation Specialist

John Drummond

B.S. (Pennsylvania State College)

General Lab Biology/Lab Coordinator

Sarah S. Edmonds

B.F.A. (Kutztown University), M.F.A. (Indiana University)

Metzgar Environmental Projects Coordinator and Manager of LaFarm : The Lafayette College Community Garden & Working Farm

Gail Salter

B.S. (Mississippi College),( Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin)

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Xiaodong Fan

B.S. (Peking University), Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

John Wilson

B.S. (University of New Hampshire), M.A. (Virginia Polytechnic)

Lab Coordinator

Social Science

David Woglom

B.A.(Lafayette College) M.S. (Lehigh);MPA. (Lehigh)

Associate Director for Public Service

Enrollment Services

Gregory V. MacDonald

B.A. (Carleton University), M.S. (Syracuse)

VP Enrollment Management

Carol A. Rowlands

A.B. (Lafayette), M.S. (Villanova)

Assistant VP Enrollment Management


Gregory V. MacDonald

B.A., (Carleton), M.S. (Syracuse)

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Carol A. Rowlands

A.B. (Lafayette), M.S. (Villanova)

Assistant Vice President Enrollment Management

Matthew S. Hyde

B.A. (Bowdoin), Ed.M.. (Harvard)

Director of Admissions and Director of Technology

Susan E. Burns

B.A. (Bucknell)

Assistant Dean of Admissions Director of Tecnology

Edward F. Devine

B.A. (Colby)

Regional Director of Admissions, West Coast

Charles O. Bachman

B.S., B.A. (Kings), M.A. (Connecticut)

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Eugene A. Gabay

B.A. (College of Wooster)

Associate Director of Admissions

Alexander W. Bates

B.A. (Skidmore)

Assistant Director of Admissions

Kaitlyn Zerbe

A.B. (Muhlenberg)

Assistant Director of Admissions

Eddie Andujar

B.A. (Lafayette)

Admissions Officer

Dona Rehm

B.A. (Vanderbilt)

Assistant Director Admissions

Ethan Robles

B.A. (DeSales)

Admissions Counselor

Kelliann Dietel

B.A. (Northeastern University)

Admissions Counselor

Louise Frazier

B.A. (State University of New York at Oswego)

Operations Manager

Lynne A. Murray

Technology Specialist

Student Financial Aid

Ashley B. Bianchi

B.S. (Mississippi State University), M.Ed. (University of South Carolina)

Director of Financial Aid

Laurie A. Chisesi

B.A. (Rider)

Associate Director of Student Financial Aid and Admissions

Jeffrey D. Metz

B.S. (Fairleigh Dickinson University)

Manager of Financial Aid

Information Systems

Jamie Baltz

Operations Manager Information Systems

Campus Life

Annette Diorio

B.S. (State University of New York at Cortland), M.Ed. (St. Lawrence), Ed.D. (University of Kansas)

Vice President for Campus Life

Amy A. O'Neill

B.A. (University of North Texas), J.D. (University of St. Thomas at Minneapolis)

Title IX and Equity Coordinator

Dean of Students

Paul J. McLoughlin II

B.A. (Miami University (Oxford)), M.Ed. (The University of Vermont), Ph.D. (Boston College)

Dean of Students

Intercultural Development

John F. McKnight

B.S. (Florida), M.S. (Indiana)

Dean of Intercultural Development

Janine Block

A.B. (Lafayette)

Assistant Director of Intercultural Development and International Student Advising

Alexandra Hendrickson

B.A. (University of Arizona), M.Div (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary)

Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and College Chaplain

Office of Student Leadership

Kristin Cothran

B.S (Cedar Crest College) M.Ed (Plymouth State University)

Director of Student Involvement

Lindsey Hresko

B.A (Montclair State University) M.Ed (Rutgers University)

Coordinator of Student Organizations

Barbara Perlman

B.A (Bucknell University) M.Ed (University of Vermont)

Coordinator of Student Involvement/Student Programs

Residence Life

Grace E. Reynolds

B.A. (Univ. of Michigan), M.Ed. (William & Mary)

Director of Residence Life

Terrence Haynes

B.A. (Bloomsburg University), M.Ed. (Bloomsburg University)

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Julie Ann Mulé

B.S. (St. Peter's), M.Ed. (William & Mary)

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Timothy Ulrich

B.A. (Pennsylvania State University), M.Ed. (Rutgers)

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Sarah Yencha

B.A. (Wilkes University), M. Ed. (University of Delaware)

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Daniel Ayala

B.A. (Northwest Missouri State), M.Ed. (University of South Carolina)

Associate Director of Residence Life and Advisor to Fraternities and Sororities


Alexandra Hendrickson

B.A. (University of Arizona), M.Div (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary)

Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and College Chaplain

Health Center

Jeffrey E. Goldstein

B.S. (Rutgers), M.D. (New York Medical College)

Director of Health Services and College Physician

Counseling Services

Karen J. Forbes

B.A. (Oberlin), M.S., Ph.D. (Florida)

Director of Counseling Services and Student Life Research

Timothy J. Silvestri

B.A. (Muhlenberg), Ph.D. (Lehigh)

Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Melissa M. Garrison

B.A. (Moravian), M.A., Ph.D (West Virginia)

Staff Psychologist

Laura Syvertson

B.A. (Denison), M.S.W. (Binghampton)

Staff Counseelor


Bruce E. McCutcheon

B.A. (William & Mary), M.A., Ph.D. (Ohio State)

Director of Athletics

Kaitlyn M. McKittrick

B.A. (Moravian College), M.S. (East Stroudsburg)

Associate Director of Athletics- Senior Women's Administrator

David Blasic

B.S. (Penn State), CPA

Athletic Business Manager

Matthew F. Bayly

B.S. (Springfield), M.Ed. (Virginia)

Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer

Dennis Bohn

B.S. (Columbia)

Head Men's Soccer Coach

Jennifer Buirkle

B.S. (Lehigh University), M.S. (East Stroudsburg University)

Assistant Track, Field and Cross Country Coach

C.K. Calhoun

B.A. (Marymount University), M.B.A. (Frostburg State University)

Associate Head Women’s Basketball

Terri Dadio Campbell

B.A. (Lafayette), M. Ed. (College of New Jersey)

Head Volleyball Coach

Stanley Clayton

B.A. (Penn State)

Assistant Football Coach

Jorge Chapoy

B.S. (East Stroudsburg University) M.S. (East Stroudsburg University)

Assistant Coach Men's Soccer

Dawn Comp

B.A. (Millersville)

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer

Michele M. Curcio

B.S. (Delaware), M.Ed. (East Stroudsburg)

Assistant Men's and Women's Track & Field and Cross Country Coach

James L. Dailey

B.S. (SUNY-Courtland), M.Ed. (Lehigh)

Head Men's and Women's Swimming Coach

Patrick. Doherty

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach

Mickey D. Fein

B.S. (Maine)

Assistant Football Coach

Alison L. Fisher

B.S. (Lafayette College)

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Yolanda Griffith

B.A. (University of Phoenix)

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Phil Hallahan

B.S. (Syracuse University))

Recruiting Coordinator for Football

Ross James

B.A. (Millsaps College), M.S. (Texas Women’s University)

Recruiting Coordinator Women’s Basketball

Matthew Frantz

B.S. (East Stroudsburg University), M.Ed. (University of Arkansas)

Associate Athletic Trainer

Steve DeMatteo

B.A. (William Patterson University)

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Joseph Brown

B.S. (Lees-McRae College),

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Kristen Foley

B.S. (Rutgers), M.S. (Rutgers)

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Joachim Civico

B.A. (Leeds University), M.S. (Fairfiield University)

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Brian Herr

B.S. (Drexel University)

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Jim Hutnik

B.S. (Lafayette College)

Head Golf Coach

Joseph Biagini

B.S.,(Virginia Military Institute)

Assistant Baseball Coach

Tanner A. Kinney

B.S., M.A. (Lehigh)

Head Baseball Coach

Matthew Kovatch

B.A. (Pennsylvania State University)

Ticket Office Manager

Art Link

B.S. (University of Florida), M.S. (University of Florida)

Assistant Football Coach

Doug McFadden

B.S. (Friends University)

Assistant Football Coach

Jonathan Edwards

B.S. (State University of New York), M.S. (East Stroudsburg)

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Matthew Musci

B.A. (Drexel University), M.B.A. (Saint Leo University)

Associate Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Renee Ricciuti

B.S. (East Stroudsburg University)

Ticket Office Manager

Theresa A. Nish

B.A. (UNC-Chapel Hill) M.S. (Kentucky)

Associate Athletic Trainer

Tiffany Grentz

B.S.(Immaculate College)

Head Women's Basketball Coach

John O’Connor

B.S. (Pennsylvania State University)

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Francis B. O'Hanlon

B.S. (Villanova)

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Brad Potts

B.S. (Duquesne), M.S. (IUP)

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

C. Eric Ratchford

B.S. (Appalachian State), M.S. (Idaho State)

Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach

Jim Rogalski

B.A. (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

Michael Statham

B.A. (Franklin Pierce College)

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Jennifer Stone

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Assistant Field Hockey Coach

Frank A. Tavani, Jr.

B.A. (Lebanon Valley)

Head Men's Football Coach

Matt Blue

B.A. (St. Lawrance University)

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

James Fenerty

B.A. (Dickinson College), M.S. (Temple University)

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Michael (Jexx) Varner

B.A. (Robert Morris College), M.S. (Robert Morris College)

Head Softball Coach

Edward Williams

B.A. (Lycoming College)

Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Recreation Services

Jodie A. Frey

B.S. (West Chester), M.Ed. (Temple), Ed.D. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Recreation Services

Karen A. Howell

B.S. (Ithaca College), M.Ed. (Temple)

Assistant Director of Recreation Services

Todd Raetzke

B.S. (University of New Hampshire)

Coordinator of Aquatics/Assistant Coordinator of Intramural Sports and Facilities

Carolyn C. Hill

B. (North Carolina State)

Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports

Information Technology Services

John O'Keefe

B.A. (Lafayette)

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Jason Alley

M.Ed. (William and Mary), B.A. (Grove City College),

Director, Instructional Technology

Brenda Bomgardner

Instructional Technology Systems Specialist

Katherine Butler

B.A. (Lafayette)

Director, Planning, Analysis and Communications

Janemarie Duh

B.A. (East Stroudsburg)

Identity Management Systems Architect

Matt Fodor

Network Programmer

Charles Fulton

B.A. (Kalamazoo)

Senior Web Applications Developer

Amy A. Gordon

B.S. (Elizabethtown)

Faculty Services Consultant

Peter R. Hoernle

B.S. (DeSales)

IT Infrastructure Manager

Edward J. Hudock

Instructional Technology Systems Engineer

Alan Johnson

B.S. (Lafayette)

User Services Specialist

Robert N. Jones

B.A. (Fordham)

Systems Administrator

Jason Kalb

B.S. (Penn State)

Enterprise Systems Analyst

Thiana Kitrilakis

ITS Operations Coordinator

Chris J. Koch

B.A. (Lafayette)

Director, User Services

Nathan Lager

Systems Administrator

Jonathan Li

M.S. (Ohio State)

Database Administrator

Marat Litvan

B.S. (Ukrainian Technical University)

Banner Applications Support Analyst

Vaughn Miller

Desktop Engineer

Adam MacHose

MFA (Maine College of Art), BFA (Hartford Art School)

Arts Campus Technology Coordinator

Kenneth Newquist

B.A. (Lock Haven)

Director, Web Applications Development

Paulette R. Poloni

M.B.A. (Wilkes), B.S. (Allentown)

Director, Enterprise Data Management Systems

Rebecca Rosenbauer

M.E. (Rensselaer), B.S. (Lafayette)

Engineering Computing Coordinator

Rich Santillo

M.S. (Lehigh), B.S. (The College of New Jersey)

Desktop Engineer

Rich Schoenagel

Network Administrator

Renee Scholtz

M.S. (Regis), B.A. (South Africa)

Enterprise Application Programmer/Analyst

Douglas R. Stewart

B.S. (Allentown)


Hannah Tatu

User Services Specialist

Bill Thompson

M.S. (Rutgers)

Director, Digital Infrastructure

Carl Waldbieser

Systems Programmer

Todd Walton

M.S. (Johns Hopkins), B.A. (Northern Colorado)


Tina Werkheiser

B.S. (DeSales)


Timothy Yale

B.S. (Pittsburgh)

Web Applications Developer

Bill Yox

User Services Specialist

LaVerne Zuk

B.A. (Lehigh)

Enterprise Application Specialist

Finance and Administration

Roger Demareski

B.S. (Villanova University), M.B.A. (Seton Hall University)

Vice President Finance, Administration and Treasurer

Craig Becker

B.A. (State University College of New York at Oneonta), M.P.A. (State University of New York at Albany),M.S. (Northeastern)

Associate Vice President for Financial Planning and Capital Budget

Rosemary M. Bader

B.S. (Allentown College)

Director Financial Services

Jill E. Snyder

B.A. (Muhlenberg)

Director Facilities and Capital Budget

Ryan D. Snyder

B.A. (Moravian College)

Associate Financial Analyst


Stephen A. Schafer

B.S. (Siena College), MBA (SUNY), MS Accounting (SUNY)

Associate Vice President and Business Affairs

William Butzz

B.S. (Drexel University), M.B.A.(Villanova University)


Judy Reed

B.S. (Bloomsburg), MBA (DeSales)

Budget Manager

Geoffrey Schoeneck

B.A. (Lafayette College’96)

Senior Payroll Administrator/Cash Accountant

Donna Yellen

B.S. (Fort Lauderdale College)

Accounting Manager

Diane Trainer

Accounts Receivable Manager

Diane Bryant

Student Administrator

Alice Koskey

Accounting Administrator

Darlene Yost

Student Payroll Administrator

Dawn Sisson

Payroll Administrator

Investment Office

Joseph S. Bohrer

B.A. (Columbia College), MBA (New York University)

Chief Investment Officer

Mervin Burton

S. (University of Pennsylvania)

Director of Investments

Tania Bruno

Office Manager

Plant Operations

Bruce S. Ferretti

B.S. (Lafayette), B.S. (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Director Physical Planning/Plant Operations

Mario A. Cozzubbo

Associate Director for Plant Operations and Trades

George A. Xiques

B.S.M.E. (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Assistant Director Plant Operations/Campus Sustainability Manager

Facilities Planning and Construction and Sustainability

Mary Wilford-Hunt

B.S. (University of Virginia); Architectural Association, London; M. Arch (Rice University)

Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

Nadda Pavlinsky

Associates Mechanical Technology (Lehigh County Community College); Associates Interior Design (Northampton County Community College)

Assistant Project Manager and Interior Design

Public Safety

Robert G. Sabattis

J.D. (Seton Hall School of Law)

Director of Public Safety

Matthew Hammerstone

B.S. (Pennsylvania State University)

Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist

Jeffrey E. Troxell

B.S. (Indiana-Pennsylvania)

Assistant Director of Public Safety and Technology Manager

Diana M. Buchok

Manager, Public Safety Operations

Cindy Pursel

Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist

Scheduling and Events Planning

Theresa K. Richter


Manager Scheduling and Events Planning

Purchasing and Administrative Services

Linda L. Jroski

Procurement Manager

Brad M. Orey

Manager, Reprographic and Bulk Mailing Services

College Store

Charles J. Corsi

Manager of the College Store

Development and College Relations

Kimberly A. Spang

B.S. (Kutztown)

Vice President of Development and College Relations

Kristen Quirk

B.A. (Virginia Polytechnic and State University)

Manager Principal Events and Special Projects

Melissa Egan

B.A. (DeSales University)

Assistant Director Donor Relations

Alumni Relations

Rachel Moeller

B.A. (Lafayette), M.S. (University of Pennsylvania)

Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Janine LeGrand Casey

B.A. (Muhlenberg College)

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Amy R. Frantz

B.A. (Moravian College)

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Donna L. Krivoski

B.S. (Shippensburg)

Director of Parent Relations

Christiane Conn Tomik ’03

B.S. (Lafayette), M.A. (Lehigh)

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Annual Fund

Meghan T. Morici

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Director of the Annual Fund

Angela M. Dolson

B.A. (Gettysburg College) M.Ed (Northeastern University)

Assistant Director Stewardship

Courtney C. Fein

B.A. (University of Maine)

Assistant Director of the Annual Fund

Robert M. Young

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Assistant Director of Young Alumni and Affinity Programs

Major Gifts

Jenifer Gilio

B.A. (Muhlenburg College), M.P.A (Kutztown University)

Associate Vice President for Development and the Capital Campaign

Adam S. Stauffer

B.S. (East Stroudsburg), M.Ed. (East Stroudsburg)

Executive Director of Principal Gifts and Gift Planning

Arlina DeNardo

B.A., M.B.A. (Tulane)

Senior Development Officer

Jamie Hughes

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Director of Major Gifts

Janice A. Egan

B.S. (Pennsylvania State University)

Associate Director of Major Gifts

John E. Leone

B.A. (Hartwick), M.Ed. (Syracuse)

Associate Director of Major Gifts

Thomas M. Maatta

B.S. (Notre Dame), M.B.A. (Pittsburgh), M. Div. (Gettysburg)

Assistant Director of Major Gifts

Elizabeth Hertneck Stier

B.A. (Loyola), M.S. (McDaniel)

Assistant Director of Major Gifts

Leadership Giving

Joseph E. Samaritano

B.A. (Lafayette), M.Ed. (East Stroudsburg)

Associate Director Development/Director of Leadership Giving and Parents

Thomas Dubreuil

B.A.(Middlebury College) M.A. (University of Connecticut)

Associate Director of Leadership Giving

Tommaso R. Marsella

B.A.(Lafayette College) M.A. (University of Maryland)

Assistant Director of Leadership Giving

Joseph T. Giaimo

B.A. (Wesleyan Unversity) M.A. (Wesleyan University)

Executive Director of the Maroon Club

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Maurice S. Luker III

A.B. (Duke), M.A. (Cornell)

Executive Director of Foundation, Corporate Relations & Government Relations

Advancement Information Systems

Robert T. VanBlargan

A.S. (Northampton County Area Community College)

Senior Manager Advancement Information Systems

Advancement Services

Stephanie A. Hayes

B.S. (Lafayette)

Director of Advancement Services

Development Research

Thomas C. Hampsey

B.A. (Mount Saint Mary's); M.A.(University of Scranton)

Director/Development Research

Rebecca Heslin

B.A. (Lafayette College)

Associate Director of Development Research

Special Events and Stewardship

Kristen P. Quirk

B.A. (Virginia Polytechnic and State University)

Director of Special Events

Career Services

Nanette Cooley

B.S. (Rider), M.A. (Rider)

Senior Associate Director Career Services

Maureen Walz Boehmer

B.S. (Rider), M.Ed. (Kutztown)

Senior Associate Director Career Services

Melissa Schultz

B.A. (Shippensburg), M.A. (Farleigh Dickinson)

Assistant Director

Molly Sunderlin

B.A. (Colgate University), M.Ed. (DePaul University)

Assistant Director, Career Services

Margie Cherry

B.A. (Immaculata College), M.A. (Lehigh University)

Assistant Director of Alumni Career Services

Erin Evans

B.A. (Elizabethtown College) M.A. (Boston College)

Associate Director Internships and Volunteer Initiatives

Vicki Kocis

B.A. (Bowling Green State University), M.S. (Scranton University)

P/T Career Counselor

Larry Sechney

B.S. (Kutztown University), M.Ed. (Lehigh)

Career Counselor

Rochelle Crozier

B.S. (DeSales University)

Recruiting Coordinator & Manager of IT

Cathy Shankweiler

B.S. (Penn State), M.A. (Lehigh University)

Database and Communications Coordinator


Michael Kiser

B.A. (Wabash College), M.A.(Purdue University)

Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Roger B. Clow

A.B. (University of Pennsylvania)

Assistant Vice President for Communications/Director Campaign Communications

Erwin Annulysse

B.A. (Universityof Scranton)

Associate Director, Web Design & Development

Matthew Blackton

A.B. (Lafayette College)

Web Interface Designer

David A. Block

B.A. (Lafayette)

Associate Director, Web Content & Social Media

Elena Douvanis

B.A. (Penn State University))

Social Media Manager

Terri Deily

Assistant to the Vice President for Communications

Kevin Hardy

A.B. (Penn State University)

Senior Graphic Designer

Zachary Hartzell

A.F.A. (Delaware College of Art and Design)

Photographer and Videographer

Brenda Jocsak

Media Relations Associate

Donna Kneule

B.F.A. (Kutztown)

Director of Design Services

Philip LaBella

B.A. (St. Bonaventure University)

Sports Information Director

Michael Litzenberger

B.A. (Mansfield University)

News Editor

Kristen Lopez

Graphic Designer

Dale Mack

B.S. (East Stroudsburg University)

Graphic Designer

Toby Maynard

Audio/Video Media Manager

Mark Mohrman

B.A. (Monmouth University)

Assistant Sports Information Director

Scott D. Morse

B.S. (Slippery Rock University)

Director of Athletic Communications and Promotions

Ellen O'Malley

B.F.A. (Carnegie-Mellon), M.F.A.(Tufts University)

Web Designer

Kathleen Parrish

B.A.(University of Dayton); M.S. (Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism)

Associate Director of Media Relations

Kristine Y. Todaro

B.A. (Muhlenberg College)

Director of News Services & Electronic Media

Human Resources and General Counsel

Leslie F. Muhlfelder

B.A. (Lafayette), J.D. (Georgetown University Law Center)

Vice President for Human Resources and General Counsel

Lisa Rex

B.S. (Kutztown), M.A. (Fairleigh Dickinson)

Director of Human Resources- Employment Specialist

Charles F. Crawford

B.S. (Widener)

Director of Human Resources-Benefits

Janice E. Hoffman

Manager of Human Resources Information Systems

Patricia M. Cerankowski

HR Administration and Tuition Coordinator