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2015-2016 Catalog

Natural Science

Carolyn Buckley

B.S. (SUNY College at Oswego), M.A. (East Stroudsburg), PhD.(Lehigh)

Psychology Lab Coordinator

Michael Chejlava

B.S. (Harvey Mudd College), PhD. (Kansas State)

Instrumentation Specialist

John Drummond

B.S. (Pennsylvania State College)

General Lab Biology/Lab Coordinator

Sarah S. Edmonds

B.F.A. (Kutztown University), M.F.A. (Indiana University)

Metzgar Environmental Projects Coordinator and Manager of LaFarm : The Lafayette College Community Garden & Working Farm

Gail Salter

B.S. (Mississippi College),( Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin)

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Xiaodong Fan

B.S. (Peking University), Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)

General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

John Wilson

B.S. (University of New Hampshire), M.A. (Virginia Polytechnic)

Lab Coordinator