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2016-2017 Catalog

Fellowships, Scholarships, and Postgraduate Studies

The undergraduate education provided by Lafayette opens the door to many opportunities including prestigious scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate or postgraduate study/ research as well as attendance at a top tier graduate or professional school. The Office of the Dean of Advising assists students and recent graduates in fulfilling their intellectual and professional goals by promoting awareness of external scholarship/fellowship and preprofessional opportunities while providing the advice and support necessary to compete successfully. Included among the scholarships/fellowships are postgraduate programs, regardless of academic discipline, for international destinations such as the Marshall, Rhodes, and Gates Cambridge scholarships to the United Kingdom, the Mitchell to Ireland (Northern or Republic of), DAAD-sponsored programs for study in Germany, and Fulbright and related grants to more than 140 countries worldwide. Scholarship/fellowship programs for undergraduate and/or postgraduate study in the United States include the Goldwater, Truman, and National Science Foundation, among others. Students of all disciplines who are interested in external scholarships and fellowships should contact the Office of the Dean of Advising.