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2016-2017 Catalog

Course Registration

Course and hour schedules and other registration materials are issued by the Registrar's Office just prior to the registration periods. Students consult with their academic advisers to preregister for classes in November for the spring term and the Interim Session Program, and in April for the fall term. A student who fails to register within the scheduled periods will be subject to a late registration fee of $50 unless exception is granted by the Dean of Advising or the Registrar. Students who fail to register within the first two weeks of the semester will be regarded as resigned and must apply to the Dean of Advising if they wish to return.

In certain situations, such as outstanding financial obligations to the college or needing to comply with college and/or government requirements, registration for future semesters may be blocked. Students will be notified by email when a registration hold has been placed on the record.