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2016-2017 Catalog

Interim Session Programs

The Lafayette academic calendar leaves a period of about three weeks open during January or May. Some students use this period to enroll in optional special academic courses sponsored by Lafayette, either on campus or in foreign locations. Interim Session may include intensive courses, laboratory exercises, field trips, or study abroad. For students in Bachelor of Science programs whose heavy schedule of prescribed courses may make off-campus semesters difficult to arrange, the Interim Session provides an especially useful opportunity to participate in a period of foreign study.

Special courses offered only during Interim Sessions are described in the listings. Additional information about the study-abroad programs may be obtained from the Office of International and Off-Campus Education. Students applying to participate in the interim abroad program must be in good standing academically and with respect to College regulations at the time of application, and when they depart for the program. For information about on-campus interim programs, contact the Office of the Dean of Advising.

Normally, students are not permitted to study abroad through a nonaffiliated program. Should the Academic Progress Committee make an exception for a program in a country in which Lafayette has no formal affiliation or arrangement, the student must obtain prior approval. Without approval, any course taken cannot be credited toward the Lafayette degree.

Regular financial aid does not cover the Interim Session, but some funding is available on a competitive basis, and the Office of Financial Aid can advise students about loans and other possible forms of assistance.