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2016-2017 Catalog

The Major

Petitions for entrance into the junior class and to major in a particular department, departments, or interdisciplinary program are normally submitted at the start of the second semester of the sophomore year at a time announced by the Dean of the Advising.

Double Majors

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree may elect two major programs. Requirements common to both majors will count for both majors, with no more than four courses counted toward both majors.

Individualized Major

Students may find that the usual options for majoring or minoring do not meet their special interests or needs. Recognizing this, the College provides a unique opportunity for students to develop an individualized major within the A.B. program based upon their special interests, talents, experiences, and life objectives.

An individualized major combines courses in two or more departments based upon a theme articulated by the student in consultation with one or more faculty members. Examples of individualized majors have included psychobiology, political philosophy, and scientific journalism.

Once the individualized major has been designed, the student petitions the Academic Progress Committee for final approval of the major no later than the end of the sophomore year. The petition must demonstrate a logical coherence of course selection, including a capstone experience, and must be approved by three faculty members who represent the departments involved. Students are invited to speak with the Registrar if they have questions concerning this opportunity.

Change of Curriculum or Major

A student desiring to change from one curriculum major to another must petition the Academic Progress Committee. Petition forms are available in the Registrar's Office. Students may direct questions to the Registrar, who is Secretary of the Academic Progress Committee. Students may also check on their progress toward graduation requirements in the Registrar's Office.