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2016-2017 Catalog


Fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. For 2016-17, fees are:

Tuition $48,450.00
Matriculation Fee* $750
Student Activity/Technology Fee $435
Standard Room Fee $8,950
Board Fee (20-meal plan) $5,520
(plus $100 Pard Card Dollars
Minimum Board Fee $750
Health Insurance (optional) $2,500
Tuition Refund Insurance (optional)
 Parking Fee $420 

*The matriculation fee is a one-time fee charged to New Students only

In addition, the College estimates an allowance of at least $1000 for books and academic supplies and approximately $1000 for miscellaneous personal expenses and travel. Financial aid will be pro-rated for seniors who are approved for less than full-time status.

Students who enter Lafayette as full-time students and wish to change to part-time status (enrollment in fewer than three courses) must be in the final semester of their senior year. For consideration, a petition must be filed by Aug. 1 for fall semester and Dec. 1 for spring. Once granted permission to enroll for less than full-time study, the student will pay the full-time comprehensive fee pro-rated to the number of courses for which the student is allowed to register and the full student activity fee.

Students are advised to check their family health plan to be sure coverage will apply in case a claim is filed while they are registered on a part-time basis.

Last semester seniors who are approved for prorated enrollment status should expect to have their grants, scholarships and/or loans adjusted accordingly. Students must be enrolled at least half time to receive state, federal and/or institutional financial aid.