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2016-2017 Catalog

Africana Studies Major (Classes of 2016 and 2017)


The major consists of a minimum of 9 courses from at least two academic disciplines:

AFS 101Ideas of Africa

AFS 211The Black Experience

AFS 400Capstone Seminar in Africana Studies

One intermediate theory course

Five upper-level electives

Intermediate theory course may be selected from an approved 200-level elective in Art, Anthropology & Sociology, Film & Media Studies, or History.

The five upper-level electives are chosen from an approved list of AFS electives and.must include at least two in the humanities and two in the social science divisions.

Students are expected to complete the Common Course of Study. There are several AFS electives for students to draw from that are listed on the AFS website. Courses listed are from participating departments and may focus on Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe or African American Studies via various disciplines such as History, Anthropology, English, Women's and Gender Studies, etc. Study Abroad opportunities are also listed, described and updated on the AFS website.