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2016-2017 Catalog

Independent projects and honors

The department offers advanced students the opportunity to develop their interests in an intense experience of individualized learning. In partnership with faculty, students work for one or two semesters on rigorously designed projects that culminate with critical review by art department faculty and, in the case of honors, appraisal by professionals from outside the department.

Art Course Areas:

Art History

ART 101Introduction to Art History I

ART 102Introduction to Art History II

ART 126History of Architecture

ART 128Introduction to Asian Art

ART 140Art and Architecture of World Traditions: Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania

ART 216Byzantine Art

ART 221Ancient Art

ART 222Medieval Art

ART 223Italian Renaissance Art

ART 224Baroque Art

ART 226Age of Michelangelo

ART 231American Art

ART 233Nineteenth-Century Painting and Sculpture

ART 234Modern Art

ART 235African American Art

ART 240Japanese Art and Architecture

ART 242Chinese Art and Architecture

ART 340Seminar in Art History

ART 392-393Independent Study in Art History

ART 495-496Thesis in Art History

Studio Art

ART 103

ART 107The Dynamics of Sculpture

ART 109Drawing I

ART 110

ART 111Beginning Printmaking

ART 114Beginning Painting

ART 120Architectural Design and Theory

ART 196Basic Photography (Black and White)

ART 212Intermediate Printmaking

ART 215The Land and the Global Environment

ART 218Intermediate Painting

ART 306Capstone: Senior Studio Seminar

ART 339Advanced Painting

ART 344Internships

ART 390-391Independent Study in Studio Art

ART 497-498Thesis in Studio Art