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2016-2017 Catalog

Biochemistry, B.S. Major


The program consists of a minimum of 18 major courses and 5 collateral courses:

MATH 161Calculus I

MATH 162Calculus II

MATH 263Calculus III


PHYS 131Physics I: Mechanics


PHYS 133Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves


PHYS 151Accelerated Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics


PHYS 152Accelerated Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics


CHEM 121General Chemistry I

CHEM 122General Chemistry II

CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 222Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 231Analytical Chemistry I


CHEM 323Physical Chemistry I without Lab


CHEM 325Physical Chemistry I with Lab


CHEM 324Physical Chemistry II without Lab


CHEM 326Physical Chemistry II with Lab


CHEM 332Analytical Chemistry II

CHEM 351Biochemistry Survey

CHEM 352Experimental Biochemistry


CHEM 392Independent Research


CHEM 394Independent Research


CHEM 495-496Thesis


CHEM 452Topics in Advanced Biochemistry

One additional Chemistry course*

BIOL 101General Biology

BIOL 102General Biology

BIOL 255Molecular Genetics

One additional Biology course

One additional 300/400-level Chemistry or Biology course

CHEM 325, CHEM 326: Must complete one of either CHEM 325 or CHEM 326.

One additional Chemistry course: 200-level or above excluding independent study or thesis.

One additional Biology course: 200-level or above.

This major in addition to other College-wide requirements for the B.S. degree.

Biochemistry majors may not seek a second major (A.B. or B.S.) or minor in either biology or chemistry.