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2016-2017 Catalog



Professor DeVault Head; Professors Ahene, Averett, Bukics, Chambers, Crain, Rizvi, Stifel; Associate Professors Hutchinson, Kelly, Ruebeck, Smith; Assistant Professors Guisinger, Larsen, Ogrokhina

The foundation of the department’s program is economics, that branch of social science that studies how societies allocate scarce resources among competing ends. The core courses include mathematics and statistics, economic theory, and financial accounting. Within these courses students have the opportunity to learn spreadsheet and econometric software.

Upper-division electives allow students to further their study of business and government, domestic and foreign economies, and current issues. The course offerings are well suited to concentrations in political economy, finance, applied economics, and international economics. Special opportunities include participating in research with faculty members, internships, and the Lafayette Student Investment Research Fund.

Economics Courses