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2016-2017 Catalog

Economics Certificate in Financial Policy and Analysis


The certificate consists of a minimum of nine courses:

ECON 101Principles of Economics

ECON 218Financial Accounting and Reporting

ECON 251Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 319Financial Theory and Analysis


MATH 141Differential Calculus and Economic Modeling


MATH 161Calculus I


Approved Statistics course

Category A elective

Choose one:

CS 104Introduction to Game Programming

CS 105Digital Media Computing

CS 106Personal Robotics

CM 151Introduction to Computational Science

ECON 358Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility in the Global Environment

EGRS 450Engineering Management

MATH 272Linear Algebra with Applications

PSTD 300Industry, Strategy, and Policy

Category B electives

Choose two:

ECON 320Corporate Finance

ECON 321Investments

ECON 323Money, Financial Intermediation, and the Economy

ECON 324Options and Futures

ECON 342Public Finance

MATH 347Financial Mathematics

For information on the joint major in Mathematics and Economics, refer to the Mathematics and Economics major.

Additional departmental course offerings appear under Interim Session.