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2016-2017 Catalog

French Course Level Information

French Seminars (French 400s):

The general prerequisite is one course at the 300 level. Students who perform exceptionally well in FREN 211 may be admitted with permission of the instructor.

Language Courses (French 100s and 200s):

Students with two or more years of high-school French should submit their AP, IB, or SATII score to the Registrar or take the placement test administered by the Department. First-year students should take the online placement test prior to registration. Continuing students should make an appointment with the Foreign Languages & Literatures Department Head to take the exam prior to registration.

Literature, Culture, and Civilization Courses (French 300s):

The general prerequisite for courses in this group is FREN 211 or equivalent proficiency. Students who perform exceptionally well in FREN 112 may be admitted with approval of the instructor.