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2016-2017 Catalog

Government & Law and Foreign Languages, French Track Major


The major consists of a minimum of 13 courses:

GOVT 102Introduction to International Politics

GOVT 103Introduction to Comparative Politics


GOVT One GOVT 400-level seminar


GOVT 390-391Independent Study


GOVT 495-496Thesis

Four electives from:

GOVT 221

GOVT 227Latin American Politics

GOVT 230International Politics of the Middle East and Persian Gulf

GOVT 244Modern Political Theory

GOVT 322

GOVT 329The Politics of Social Movements

GOVT 332Globalization and Security

GOVT 334American Security Policy

GOVT 335

GOVT 336International Conflict

French courses:

FREN 111Intermediate French I

FREN 112Intermediate French II

FREN 211Advanced French

Three electives from:

FREN 225Business French

FREN 323Iconoclasts: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century French Literature

FREN 324Turning the World Upside Down: French Civilization since 1789

FREN 424Literature, Ideas, and Film: Twentieth-Century French Culture

FREN 431Contemporary France: Political, Economic, and Social Institutions

FREN 495-496Thesis in French