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2016-2017 Catalog

Government and Law


Professor Silverstein, Head; Professors Fabian, Kincaid, Miller, Murphy, Peleg, Stewart-Gambino; Assistant Professors Cho, Feola, Park, SoRelle, Van Dyck

Politics, leadership, individual rights, government, public policy-issues that dominate the daily lives of citizens around the world-are the focus of the Government and Law major. Students in this major address such questions as: What are the most critical political issues facing the United States and the world? What public policies make most sense in economics, education, urban revitalization, and protection of the environment?

The well-balanced curriculum offers an unusually broad selection of offerings in domestic and comparative law, foreign political systems, international issues, federalism, state and local politics, and civil liberties. Faculty work with students to include special interests in their course of study and many students participate, for academic credit, in the department’s internship program.

Government and Law Courses