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2016-2017 Catalog

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

Coordinator: Assistant Professor Rojo (Foreign Languages and Literature)


The minor consists of a minimum of six courses:

Course are selected in consultation with the program coordinator and must include and upper level elective, independent study, internship, or thesis and be directed by a faculty member affiliated with the minor.

Students are asked to demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in a language relevant to the study of Latin America and the Caribbean. Spanish is recommended.

Electives may be selected from:

A&S 203

A&S 206

A&S 207

A&S 208Mapping Identities: Race, Ethnicity, & Residential Segregation in 1920’s Easton, PA

EGRS 480Sustainable Solutions

GOVT 227Latin American Politics

HIST 106

HIST 245Latin America: The Colonial Period

HIST 246Latin America: The National Period

HIST 345Colloquium: History of Argentina

HIST 368Seminar in Latin American History

INDS 190Politics & Culture of the Caribbean

INDS 185Guatemala: Innovations in Development

INDS 187Sustainable Approaches in the Developing World: Rural Honduras from the Mayans to Present

MUS 232

REL 236African Diasporic Religions in the Americas

SPAN 215Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPAN 304Spanish American Civilization and Culture, 1492-1900

SPAN 314Contemporary Spanish America and Hispanics in the U.S.

SPAN 317Survey of Spanish American Literature I

SPAN 318Survey of Spanish American Literature II

SPAN 370Seminar on Translation

SPAN 421Seminar in the Literature and Culture of the New World

SPAN 428Seminar in Modern Spanish American Literature and Culture

SPAN 435Research Seminar in Hispanic Literature and Civilization