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2016-2017 Catalog

Interim Program/On Campus

Lafayette College offers Interim semester courses that meet in January or May. Courses are offered in a compressed time frame and offer unique opportunities that are not always available in the regular semester. The offerings for each academic year are announced early in the fall semester. Courses listed below have been approved to be taught in the Interim Session. Occasionally other courses taught during the academic year are offered in the Interim.

Individual course descriptions can be found in each academic departments listing. Approved courses are listed below.

Interim Session/On Campus Courses

Examples of courses offered in the Interim on campus include:

A&S 208Mapping Identities: Race, Ethnicity, & Residential Segregation in 1920’s Easton, PA

A&S 255Contemporary Society and the Cinema

ART 191

ART 193

ART 196Basic Photography (Black and White)

ART 219

ART 290

ART 292

BIOL 304

BIOL 310Aging and Age-Related Diseases

CHEM 476

EDUC 250Curriculum and Instruction

ENG 260The New York Theater

HIST 234Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction

INDS 151

INDS 361The Gothic Cathedral: Structural Rationalism

ME 482Advanced Fluid Dynamics with Applications

MUS 193

PSYC 250