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2016-2017 Catalog

Interim Program/Study Abroad

Some of these courses are offered during January interim session; others are offered in May. The offerings for each academic year are announced in the summer prior to fall semester.

Interim Session/Study Abroad Courses

ENG 280London and Dublin Theater

EGRS 191Engineering in a Global and Societal Context

GEOL 150 The Geologic Evolution of the Hawaiian Islands

GEOL 160Geology from A (Arches) to Z (Zion): The Geology of National Parks in the Western United States

GEOL 180Iceland: Geology and Natural History of a Young Island

INDS 120Inside the People’s Republic of China

INDS 123The Performing Arts Around the Globe: Focus on Bali, Indonesia & Sydney, Australia

INDS 127Rock, Landform and Water Interactions: New Zealand 2017

INDS 128China: An Ancient Civilization and New Global Power

INDS 130Interconnections in Northeast Asia

INDS 135Thailand and Myanmar: Challenges of Development

INDS 140A History of Japanese Culture and Government, 400-1600 A.D.

INDS 145India: Faces of Globalization-Impact and Challenges

INDS 150Turkey: The Cradle of Civilizations

INDS 165The Open Wall and the New Europe of the 21st Century: Berlin, Prague, and Munich

INDS 170Modern Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya and Tanzania

INDS 171Madagascar-Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education (LIME)

INDS 172Voices of South Africa: Cultural Diversity, Hegemony and Agency

INDS 173Religion, Society

INDS 174Global Senegal: Alternative Modalities

INDS 175Back to the Roots of Western Civilization: Greece and Italy

INDS 177Mexico Through the Centuries

INDS 180The Colorful Sunset of the Habsburg Empire: An Apocalyptic Waltz

INDS 185Guatemala: Innovations in Development

INDS 187Sustainable Approaches in the Developing World: Rural Honduras from the Mayans to Present

INDS 190Politics & Culture of the Caribbean

INDS 195The History and Politics of Israel: The Peace Process and Internal Cleavages

INDS 200The Land and Imaginative Landscape of Ireland

INDS 208Exploring Peru's Indigenous Populations in the Modern Day

INDS 210Exploring South America: Brazil, Argentina, and the Andes

INDS 214Journey to Rome: Approaching and Exploring the Eternal City

INDS 215Medieval Architecture in Northern Europe: Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands

INDS 220Italy: A Journey through Art, History, and Literature

INDS 224The Cultures and Landscapes of Greece: Perspectives of Writer, Ancient and Modern

INDS 230Paris, Provence, and the Midi: Cathedrals, Kings, and Pilgrims

INDS 245Social, Economic and Ethical Issues in Health Care in the US and UK

INDS 250French Commerce and Culture in the European Union: London, Paris, and Brussels

INDS 252The Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives

INDS 260Scandinavia: Northern Lights (Kierkegaard, Ibsen, Strindberg)

INDS 270A Moveable Feast: American Writers in Paris

INDS 371Health Care Internship

INDS 275Paris: An Introduction to the French Exception

INDS 280The Three Faces of Russia: Imperial, Soviet, and Modern

MUS 195Helsinki, Talinn, Budapest