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2016-2017 Catalog

Mathematics and Economics, A.B. Joint Major


The major consists of a minimum of 15 courses:

MATH 161Calculus I

MATH 162Calculus II

MATH 263Calculus III


MATH 272Linear Algebra with Applications


MATH 300Vector Spaces


MATH 282Techniques of Mathematical Modeling

MATH 306Operations Research

MATH 335Probability

MATH 336Mathematical Statistics

ECON 101Principles of Economics

ECON 251Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 252Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 365Econometric Analysis

ECON Two ECON electives

Mathematics-Economics Capstone elective

Two ECON electives: Must be 300-level Economics electives

Capstone Experience

In the form of a course, taken during the senior year, designed to integrate the ideas and techniques students have encountered in their work in Mathematics and Economics. The Capstone Experience may consist of ECON 324, ECON 366, MATH 301, MATH 347 or appropriate independent study or honors work.  Students interested in graduate study in Economics may substitute MATH 356 for the Capstone.

The Common Course of Study is required.

Any one from CS 104, CS 105, CS 106 or CM 151 is recommended as an elective for students in this major.

Administration of the Joint Major in Mathematics and Economics and advising of students in the program is done by the Department of Mathematics.