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2016-2017 Catalog

Course Credit

Classes of 2018 and beyond

All MS course carry 0.25 credits, are recorded on the transcript, count in the GPA and may be used to fulfill graduation requirements.

Classes of 2016 and 2017

Credits earned in MS 101, MS 102, MS 201, MS 202, MS 301, and MS 302 are recorded on the transcript and count toward the GPA, but may not be used to fulfill the minimum course requirement for graduation. MS 401 and MS 402 may be used to fulfill two course credits toward the 32 course requirement for graduation in A.B. and B.S. science programs. In the case of B.S. engineering programs, MS 302 and MS 401 may be used to fulfill two free electives and MS 402 to satisfy one of the required Humanities/Social Science electives.

Leadership Laboratory

For all MS courses, a Leadership Laboratory is scheduled. The lab provides students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the leadership process and develop fundamental military skills. Lab dates and times are included in the course syllabus.

During labs, instruction on a variety of subjects with military application provides the context within which students have opportunities to both teach and lead in a group setting. Responsibility is expanded as the student progresses through the military science program. In the senior year, students assume responsibility for the planning, preparation, and conduct of the laboratory. Leadership Laboratory is mandatory for all students enrolled in military science courses.