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2016-2017 Catalog

ROTC Scholarship Program

This program is designed to offer financial assistance to outstanding men and women entering the ROTC program or those who are currently enrolled. Each scholarship provides $23,000 annually in tuition and fees, a textbook and supplies allowance of up to $900, and pay of $250 per month for the period the scholarship is in effect. Three-year scholarships are available to outstanding cadets who are currently enrolled in ROTC and are completing their first year of college.

This program is also open to all qualified students who are not currently enrolled in Army ROTC but who are willing to join in their sophomore year. A similar two-year scholarship is available to sophomores. Two-year scholarships are also available at the Leadership Training Course.

Four-year scholarships are open to anyone entering ROTC as a first-year student. Application for scholarships must be made to Headquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia, by Aug. 15 before the senior year of high school for early selection, but no later than Dec. 1 for normal application. Application booklets are available from most high school guidance offices, or may be obtained from Cadet Command at the address above or from the Army ROTC web site.