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2016-2017 Catalog

Philosophy Major


The major consists of a minimum of 10 courses:

PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy


PHIL 102Basic Social Questions


PHIL 250Ethics


PHIL 214First Philosophers

PHIL 216Modern Philosophy

PHIL Two electives in Metaphysics/Epistemology/Logic/Language

PHIL Two electives in Value Theory

PHIL Two Philosophy electives

Electives: At least two of the six electives must be at the 300-level or above. Select from table below.

Philosophy Course Categories:
Mataphysics/ Epistemolgy/ Logic/ Language Value Theory History of Philosophy
PHIL 220, PHIL 225, PHIL 230 PHIL 240, PHIL 250, PHIL 260, PHIL 270 PHIL 236PHIL 218
PHIL 300, PHIL 320 PHIL 340, PHIL 345, PHIL 350PHIL 360 PHIL 310

Students wishing to major in philosophy and another subject should discuss with their advisers the possibility of courses in other departments or programs counting toward both majors.