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2016-2017 Catalog

Policy Studies Major


The major consists of a minimum of 14 courses:

ECON 101Principles of Economics

ECON 251Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 253Fundamentals of Econometrics


GOVT 101Introduction to United States Politics


GOVT 102Introduction to International Politics


GOVT 103Introduction to Comparative Politics


HIST 105History of the Modern World


MATH 141Differential Calculus and Economic Modeling


MATH 161Calculus I


MATH 186Applied Statistics

PSTD 251/EGRS 251Introduction to Policy Studies

PSTD 300Industry, Strategy, and Policy

PSTD 400Policy Internship and Seminar

Four Policy Studies theme electives

Four electives: selected from an approved list and relating to one of the following four themes: Arts and Media Policy, Economic Policy and Homeland Security, Science Policy, Social Policy.

A policy-oriented internship approved by the Policy Studies program chair is required. The internship should be tailored to a student’s theme of concentration and typically will take place at the sponsor’s site. Following the internship, students participate in a seminar (PSTD 400) to build on the lessons of the internship experience.