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2016-2017 Catalog

Psychology, B.S. Major (Class of 2019 and beyond)


The major consists of a minimum of 12 major courses and 5 collateral courses:

PSYC 110Introduction to Psychological Science

PSYC 120Quantitative Methods in Psychology

PSYC 203Design and Analysis I

PSYC 490Capstone Course in Psychology

PSYC Three Laboratory electives

PSYC Five PSYC electives

Five courses in Natural Sciences

Three Psychology Laboratory electives: Selected from 304-328

Five courses in Natural Sciences: Five courses in natural sciences outside the department to be selected on the basis of concentration interest (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics 200 or above, or Physics).

It is strongly recommended that B.S. students consider taking PSYC 304, PSYC 395-396, or PSYC 495-496.

Five Subdivisions:

All courses from PSYC 211 and above are to be distributed among at least four of the five major subdivisions of psychology to achieve a broad foundation in the major.


PSYC 211Industrial-Organizational Psychology

PSYC 226Human Factors and Engineering Psychology

PSYC 232Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 334Mood Disorders

PSYC 337Counseling Psychology

PSYC 339Tests and Measurement

PSYC 342-343Practicum in Psychology


PSYC 225Psychopharmacology

PSYC 322Perception

PSYC 323Physiological Psychology

PSYC 324Comparative Psychology: Animal Behavior


PSYC 236Applied Behavior Analysis

PSYC 256Cognitive Psychology I

PSYC 321Learning

PSYC 330Cognitive Psychology II


PSYC 230Lifespan Development I

PSYC 242Educational Psychology

PSYC 328Lifespan Development II


PSYC 219Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 231Personality

PSYC 235Social Psychology I

PSYC 240Health Psychology

PSYC 248Psychology of Gender

PSYC 327Social Psychology II