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2016-2017 Catalog

Religious Studies Major (Classes of 2016 and 2017)


The major consists of a minimum of nine courses:

REL 101Religions in World Cultures

REL 240Theories of Religion


REL 490Senior Capstone


REL 495-496Honors Thesis

REL 490, REL 495-496: Students wishing to take honors should inform their advisers early in the second semester of the junior year. They enroll in REL 496, as a 10th course, after successfully completing REL 490 or REL 495.

Six additional approved electives:

Will include one course in Texts, one course in Society or American Religious Experience, two courses in Traditions, and one 300-level elective chosen from the following Religious Studies Course Areas:


REL 101Religions in World Cultures

REL 102Contemporary Religious Issues

REL 103Religion, Myth, and Fantasy

REL 104Saints, Mystics, Ecstatics


REL 211Hinduism: Unities and Diversity

REL 212Buddhism: From India to Asia and Beyond

REL 213Judaism: Faith, Communities, Identity

REL 214Christianity: From Jesus to the Third Millennium

REL 215Islam: History, Faith, and Practice

REL 216Religions in Africa: Contemporary and Historical Expressions

REL 217Latina/o Religions: Not Just Catholicism

Oral and Written Texts:

REL 201The Biblical Imagination: Torah, Prophets, Writings

REL 202Christian Scriptures

REL 203Religion and the Literary Imagination

REL 204India's Religious Texts: Sacred Word, Sacred Sound

REL 205

REL 207The Quran


REL 221Religion in Society

REL 222Interreligious Cooperation and Conflict

REL 223Religious Healing and Health

REL 224Religious Ethics

REL 225Sex, Gender, and Religion

American Religious Experience:

REL 231Religions in American History and Culture

REL 236African Diasporic Religions in the Americas

REL 237Contemporary Catholic Issues in the United States

Advanced: 301 or above