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2016-2017 Catalog

Religious Studies Major (Classes of 2018 and beyond)


The major consists of a minimum of nine courses:

REL 101Religions in World Cultures

REL 240Theories of Religion

REL 490Senior Capstone

With the Department's approval students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher, and a major GPA of 3.20 or higher may elect to write and Honors Thesis (495/496) during their senior year.

Six additional approved REL electives:

The electives must include a 300-level elective, two courses in Transformations (Traditions and Practices), and at least one course in each of the three remaining non-Introductory domains of inquiry - Representations (Text and Contexts), Power and Difference, and Additional Department Electives chosen from the following Religious Studies Domains of Inquiry:


REL 101Religions in World Cultures

REL 102Contemporary Religious Issues

REL 103Religion, Myth, and Fantasy

REL 104Saints, Mystics, Ecstatics

Transformations (Traditions and Practices):

REL 211Hinduism: Unities and Diversity

REL 212Buddhism: From India to Asia and Beyond

REL 213Judaism: Faith, Communities, Identity

REL 214Christianity: From Jesus to the Third Millennium

REL 215Islam: History, Faith, and Practice

REL 216Religions in Africa: Contemporary and Historical Expressions

REL 231Religions in American History and Culture

REL 232Religions in Latin America

Representations (Texts and Contexts):

REL 201The Biblical Imagination: Torah, Prophets, Writings

REL 202Christian Scriptures

REL 203Religion and the Literary Imagination

REL 204India's Religious Texts: Sacred Word, Sacred Sound

REL 207The Quran

REL 260Global Muslim Literature and Film

Power and Difference:

REL 217Latina/o Religions: Not Just Catholicism

REL 222Interreligious Cooperation and Conflict

REL 225Sex, Gender, and Religion

REL 228Religion and Politics in Africa

REL 310Sacrifice: Ritual and Violence

REL 303Lived Religion in Context: Ethnographies of Africa and Asia

REL 305Muhammad and Prophecy

REL 308Visual Culture and Religious Identity

Additional Department Electives:

REL 223Religious Healing and Health

REL 224Religious Ethics

REL 250Anthropology of Religion

REL 301Philosophies of Religion

REL 304Spirituality and Transformation: From Sufism to Self-Help

REL 306Jewish Responses to the Holocaust

REL 307Jews in Poland, Culture and Memory