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2016-2017 Catalog

Information Technology Services

John O'Keefe

B.A. (Lafayette)

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Jason Alley

M.Ed. (William and Mary), B.A. (Grove City College),

Director, Instructional Technology

Brenda Bomgardner

Instructional Technology Systems Specialist

Katherine Butler

B.A. (Lafayette)

Director, Planning, Analysis and Communications

Janemarie Duh

B.A. (East Stroudsburg)

Identity Management Systems Architect

Matt Fodor

Network Programmer

Charles Fulton

B.A. (Kalamazoo)

Senior Web Applications Developer

Amy A. Gordon

B.S. (Elizabethtown)

Faculty Services Consultant

Peter R. Hoernle

B.S. (DeSales)

IT Infrastructure Manager

Edward J. Hudock

Instructional Technology Systems Engineer

Alan Johnson

B.S. (Lafayette)

User Services Specialist

Robert N. Jones

B.A. (Fordham)

Systems Administrator

Jason Kalb

B.S. (Penn State)

Enterprise Application Administrator & DBA

Thiana Kitrilakis

ITS Operations Coordinator

Chris J. Koch

B.A. (Lafayette)

Director, User Services

Nathan Lager

Systems Administrator

Jonathan Li

M.S. (Ohio State)

Senior DBA & Enterprise Application Administrator

Marat Litvan

B.S. (Ukrainian Technical University)

Senior Enterprise Application Administrator & DBA

Vaughn Miller

Desktop Engineer

Adam MacHose

MFA (Maine College of Art), BFA (Hartford Art School)

Arts Campus Technology Coordinator

Kenneth Newquist

B.A. (Lock Haven)

Director, Web Applications Development

Paulette R. Poloni

M.B.A. (Wilkes), B.S. (Allentown)

Director, Enterprise Data Management Systems

Rebecca Rosenbauer

M.E. (Rensselaer), B.S. (Lafayette)

Engineering Computing Coordinator

Rich Schoenagel

Network Administrator

Renee Scholtz

M.S. (Regis), B.A. (South Africa)

IT Business Analyst

Douglas R. Stewart

B.S. (Allentown)

IT Business Analyst

Hannah Tatu

User Services Specialist

Bill Thompson

M.S. (Rutgers)

Director, Digital Infrastructure

Carl Waldbieser

Systems Programmer

Tina Werkheiser

B.S. (DeSales)

Senior Applications Analyst

Timothy Yale

B.S. (Pittsburgh)

Web Applications Developer

Bill Yox

User Services Specialist