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2017-2018 Catalog

AMS 254 Cultures of Nature

This course is an interdisciplinary examination into the American relationship with nature. We will investigate how Americans have historically defined and currently conceive of concepts such as "nature," "wilderness," "environmental," and "green." The course will contrast and combine arts/humanities and scientific/technology perspectives, and it will merge active field-experience and field trips with the main topics and texts under discussion. Our texts will include diverse nature and environmental writings, films and visual culture, plus local physical landscapes and ecosystems. We will hike, paddle and camp, integrating site visits and activities in the Delaware River watershed with our critical explorations, so that the personal connection to place that is central to environmental literature, art, and science becomes an essential context for our understanding. [W]

Cross Listed Courses

EVST 254


ENG 110


Brandes, A. Smith