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2021-2022 Catalog

Pass/Fail Option

A junior or senior in good standing whose cumulative average is 2.00 or higher may, in each semester, take one course on a pass or fail basis, but in no case may a student take more than four pass/fail courses to be counted toward degree requirements.

The course must be outside the major or minor field of concentration and outside related courses as defined by the major department, and the pass/fail option may not be used for courses that are to be used toward satisfaction of the requirements for the Common Course of Study. Courses which are considered introductory in any field or which are designed specifically as exploratory courses for non-majors may not be taken for pass/fail credit.

Classes abroad may not be taken as pass/fail.

Students must obtain permission from the Academic Progress Committee in order to take a course for pass/fail credit.  The petition may be submitted to the committee anytime between when the student registers for the course and the end of the second week of classes.  Petitions for switching to pass/fail grading after the second week of classes will not be approved. Students must meet all the regularly stated prerequisites for admission to the course and all the course requirements, such as attendance, assigned work, and examinations. 

When the petition is submitted, the student may indicate the minimum grade that they would accept in lieu of a P on the transcript. The instructor, who has not been informed which members of the class are under the option, will assign a regular letter grade at the conclusion of the course.  If the grade received is at or above the minimum, it will be noted on the transcript and included in the calculation of the student's term/cumulative average.  If the grade awarded is below the minimum acceptable grade, it will be awarded as a "P" and it will not be included in the calculation of the student's term/cumulative average.  However, a failing grade (regardless of the student's choice of a "P" or a grade) received under this plan will be included in the student's term/cumulative average. 

If a student drops a course with the pass/fail option after the term has begun, the option may not be used for another course during that term.

Students should be aware that many graduate and professional schools react unfavorably to pass/fail grades.