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2021-2022 Catalog

Engineering, B.S. with International Studies, A.B.

Program Chair

Associate Professor Senra

Globalization of engineering and technology is increasing the number of attractive job opportunities in foreign countries for engineers with proficiency in a second language and an understanding of foreign cultures. This dual degree program helps students prepare for these careers with international corporations.

Students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering (chemical, civil, electrical & computer, integrative (specializations in biomedical, energy and environments, or robotics) or mechanical) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Besides studying a chosen language, students take courses in international affairs, globalization, and other humanities or social science courses related to the countries or regions where the language of interest is spoken. The capstone experience, either a study abroad or internship abroad experience, involves total immersion in a non-English-speaking culture.

A.B. in International Studies Courses