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2021-2022 Catalog

English Major, Literature Concentration


The literature concentration within the English major is the traditional English major. It reflects a strong commitment to the major periods, authors, and forms. Students explore various critical methods, theories, and cultural traditions.

The major consists of a minimum of 10 courses:

ENG 205Seminar in Textual Practices

ENG 206Literary History

Eight English electives:

ENG Eight English Electives

Five of the eight ENG electives must be numbered 300 or above.

One of the electives must be a course in literature prior to 1800.

No more than one semester of independent study or thesis may be included. ENG 100 (Intro to Academic Writing), ENG 202 (Writing Seminar), and ENG 272/273 (Internship) do not count toward the literature concentration.

This page reflects the requirements for completing this major. General graduation requirements for all students can be found here