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2021-2022 Catalog

Film and Media Studies Major (Class of 2023 and beyond)


The major consists of a minimum of ten courses:

FAMS 101Introduction to Film and Media Studies

FAMS 102Integrated Practice I

FAMS 103Foundations in Writing and Research

FAMS 220Film Theory


FAMS 221Media Theory

FAMS 420Capstone

Two approved 200-level electives

Two approved 300-level electives

One additional approved FAMS elective

FAMS major, via close consultation with programs advisers, will build depth and focus into their specific course of study. In dialogue with their advisers, students will select elective courses that best suit their interests, for example, choosing to focus on global issues in FAMS, on cinema history, or on new media. 

This page reflects the requirements for completing this major. General graduation requirements for all students can be found here