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2021-2022 Catalog

International Affairs

Program Chair

Professor von Wahl

Professor Stewart-Gambino (Acting Chair, Academic Year)

The mission of the International Affairs Program at Lafayette College is to educate students to think globally and to consider issues from a variety of perspectives. Through its goal to have students attain global knowledge and awareness, the program is committed to fostering respect for different perspectives. The interdisciplinary I.A. major helps students to appreciate the complex interaction that shapes the relationships between people of different backgrounds. Students gain a multifaceted perspective on global issues by achieving proficiency in at least one foreign language, as well as knowledge of several disciplines.

By understanding other cultures and perspectives, the I.A. major becomes more appreciative of his/her own culture and its perspectives. The I.A. Program, which strongly encourages all students to have a significant international experience by spending at least one semester in a non-English speaking country, prepares them to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized world.

International Affairs Courses