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2021-2022 Catalog

Physics, B.S. Major


The program consists of a minimum of 12 major courses and 5 collateral courses:

PHYS 130Relativity, Spacetime and Contemporary Physics


PHYS 131Physics I: Mechanics


PHYS 151Accelerated Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics


PHYS 133Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves


PHYS 152Accelerated Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics


PHYS 215Introduction to Quantum Physics

PHYS 218Oscillatory and Wave Phenomena

PHYS 327Advanced Classical Mechanics

PHYS 335Thermal Physics

PHYS 338Advanced Physics Laboratory

PHYS 342Electromagnetic Fields

PHYS 351Quantum Theory

PHYS Two 200-level or higher PHYS electives

MATH 161Calculus I

MATH 162Calculus II

MATH 263Calculus III

MATH 264Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

An approved MATH, CS, CM elective

In special circumstances, students who have taken advanced electrical and computer engineering or mechanical engineering courses in electromagnetic theory, electronics, dynamics, or thermodynamics may waive certain of these required courses with approval of the head of the physics department and the Academic Progress Committee. Advanced courses from other science or engineering departments may be substituted for physics elective courses and up to two required physics courses with the approval of the head of the physics department and the Academic Progress Committee, when doing so will produce a coherent program of physics applied to an interdisciplinary field such as material science, biophysics, geophysics, etc.

This page reflects the requirements for completing this major. General graduation requirements for all students can be found here